Mae Losa CD project

IMG_1137We’ve been having a blast producing Mae’s new project. It’s a mix of standards and originals. A friend of my wife’s originally brought Mae’s demo over to my house for a listen. I was immediately taken in by her warm emotional sound. Her vocal style is compelling and reflects the maturity of the jazz tradition. Her original material tell’s her story and will appeal to a wide audience.

We had the privilege of recording Mae’s CD in Los Angeles at two of the finest studios in the world, Capital Records and East West Studios. Here in L.A we also had the privilege of working with some of the top people in the industry. The project started off with Mae co writing and flushing out some original material with Steve Oliver. After this we recruited the services of Russel Ferrante (The Yellow Jackets) and his trio to arrange and record the jazz standards. Once we had the basic bed tracks down we added various L.A session players to add their spice including Tom Schuman (The Yellow Jackets) and Rick Braun on trumpet. For the icing on the cake we brought in film and television composer Danny Curtis Pelfrey (Disney) to arrange and conduct the string orchestra . As it turns out I was also able to blow a few saxophone solos in appropriate places.

I’m looking forward to continuing to support Mae in the release of this new project and and assisting her with live performances. She is a unique new talent and she covers several styles with impeccable musicality and grace. I believe Mae will have sustained success in her genre and I look forward to witnessing her success. The recording uses no samples or synthesizers and most of the vocals were recorded in a single take as opposed to being pieced together. The result is a timeless recording that will surely grace any discerning listener for decades to come.


I’m currently producing a CD for a talented Canadian singer by the name of Mae Losa. We are working on the project in Winnipeg Canada and in Los Angeles.A friend had dropped off her demo CD to me a while back. I was taken back by  Mae’s tone, phrasing and musicality. Within a short time I had Mae come down to California to start co-writing with Steve Oliver.Steve and Mae have come up with a number of impressive originals. I’ve also teamed Mae up with Russel Ferrante from the Yellow Jackets. We will be regrouping in LA in early June to continue this project. Mae has joined me on a couple of live gigs and I’m greatly looking forward to producing this project and having the opportunity to work with such a bright young talent.