I’m a Christian believer who believes in the literal word of the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ. As a musician many lifestyles and systems of belief have had a strong influence on me. Sadly, many of my musician friends have not witnessed the healing power of God in their lives. When we have a strong passion for something like an art form such as music, the music can become an idol or a god to us. Inevitably our lives can become controlled by the emotional roller coaster of  how we are doing with the ups and downs of following our passion. This I believe leads to any number of addictive tendencies of which so many musicians fall prey.

I became a victim of persuasive deceptive new age philosophy in my late teens. For many years I faithfully followed the teachings of Hindu based teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Transcendental Meditation). I was introduced to this practice as a relaxation technique  . As the years progressed I was drawn into a cult that drained my finances and ushered  in a very dark demonic spiritual element into my life.

While recording in Montreal Canada in the mid nineties I felt a strong inclination to attend a Christian church. When I arrived home I attended a Christian service in my area. I began to realize how deceived I was in believing the doctrines of Hindu philosophy. I began to realize the error of this teaching and could see how I was on a path of losing my identity and strength to this new age movement. I could expound at length on this topic.

Christianity, believing  in Jesus Christ as my salvation began a new path of healing in my life. I realized that as a created being I could never get things right with God. There were always stumbling blocks in my thinking or actions that weren’t right. No matter how hard we try we cannot have right standing with God. Jesus paid the price for us on the cross and we can look to him for taking the punishment once and for all. When we realize that all is forgiven we can be inspired to live a life that glorifies God. We no longer have to doubt our eternal salvation. We can trust these words from the Bible.He who believes in the Son has eternal life.

I hope you will be encouraged to look to the God of the Bible for the tough questions in your life. Many of us are into the latest exercise, diet or new age belief systems to fill the void. There is one God and one Savior and if you seek him you will find him.